Awning draught excluder

Awning Solution Awnings Draught Excluder

Awning Seal Set

Turns your porch awning into a cosy area.

Awning Draught Excluder

Stops wind & rain getting in, and pets from escaping.

Near perfect seal on your awning

Simply inflate to seal the gap between your porch awning and caravan/campervan.

Inflatable Awning Seal Set

Solution Awnings' draught excluder fits either side of your porch awning poles, next to your caravan/campervan. Once inflated it cushions the pole against your caravan, creating a draught free environment. It will help to protect your awning from wind damage, whilst making your porch awning much cosier inside.

The cushioning of your poles means that there is no longer any noise of poles banging against the side of your van, or any worry that they may be damaging your van. Very easy to put up and take down, it is the perfect solution for anyone with a porch awning. It is made in the UK from high quality PVC.

Prevents poles from banging into the side of your caravan/campervan.

Lightweight and easy to store.

Caravan Talk.

Solution Awning Draught Excluder £49.99 Available today! Awning draught excluder, seals porch awnings.